Vendor Agreement

You Can Brunch With Us - Vendor Agreement


This Agreement contains the entire agreement of the parties, and there are no other promises or conditions in any other agreement whether oral or written concerning the subject matter of this Agreement. This Agreement supersedes any prior written or oral agreements between the parties.

This vendor agreement is between 1) Haus of Kelley, LLC (hereinafter “Brunch Pop Social”) and 2) Vendor (hereinafter “you” or “Vendor”), as indicated on the submitted online You Can Brunch With Us Vendor Application



Haus of Kelley, LLC agrees to provide Vendor space to sell Vendor's Goods at the Pop Up. Vendor's use of the Building is limited to the space selected by Haus of Kelley, LLC as identified prior to the event. In general, Vendor is guaranteed a minimum of 4 x 6 square feet of space. Vendor accepts the opportunity to be a participating Vendor and hereby accepts the following conditions and limitations contained in this Agreement.


Application & Payment

All vendor and / or participants are required to pay an application fee and, if selected a booth / exhibitor fee.  Haus of Kelley, LLC charges a very modest $10 fee that covers up to (2) current year shows. The application fee is nonrefundable.  This allows us to be certain that applicants really do want to participate in our event and aren’t just filling out applications for the fun of it. Reviewing applications and examining all the business information takes valuable time.  Vendor booth / exhibitor fees are provided upon application approval and selection.  Vendor booth fees required to be paid in a timely manner (This date will be provided upon application completion and approval).  Any remaining balances will be due to Haus of Kelley, LLC will be due 60 days prior to event date. Vendor booths are subject to cancellation for unpaid fees.


Current Vendor Space Pricing for 2020

*Each vendor booth size my vary based on event location. Booth size will be announced during application. Booth fees are due within 72 hours of application approval & selection.

  • Small 4’x 6’ $75
  • Medium 7’ x 7’ $100

Small Booths – 4ft x 6ft is the smallest space we offer. This space fits (1) representative comfortably and are typically for services, or small goods type companies.

Medium – 7ft x 7ft is a medium sized space that fits (2) representatives comfortably and are typically for apparel, jewelry, art, or home specialty goods type companies.

 *Haus of Kelley, LLC only provides the space of the booth.  The decor of the booth space is at the subject of the Vendor.  Tables, Chairs, Linens, etc. will not be provided.  This is your opportunity as a Vendor to stand out and show your creativity.  Our only request is that the Vendor only use the allotted size area approved.


The relationship of Vendor to Haus of Kelley, LLC is that of an independent supplier, and nothing contained in this Agreement will be construed as creating a partnership, joint venture, employment affiliation, agency, or other affiliation between the parties, or to make Haus of Kelley, LLC liable for the debts or obligations of Vendor.  Vendor keeps all sales and shall ensure proper quality of the products sold. Vendor shall comply with all applicable laws as to vendor's sales.  In general, the hours of operation of the event are 11:00am – 5:00pm.  Vendors will be notified at least 30 days prior to event if hours are extended.  Vendors should delivery all items to event venue for sale prior to the scheduled event. Specific load in and load out times will be provided along with booth assignment 30 days prior to scheduled event.


Liability and Insurance

By signing and completing the vendor application, participants acknowledges the vendor agreement and non-liability of Haus of Kelley, LLC.  Vendor is solely responsible to obtain insurance coverage on property brought into the Building. Vendor assumes full responsibility for items left in the facility.  Haus of Kelley, LLC accepts no liability for lost, stolen or damages property and is not required to carry additional insurance to cover Vendor’s property. 



1) Assignment of Space. Vendor acknowledges that the size, location and configuration of the vendor Spaces may vary. HAUS OF KELLEY, LLC shall be entitled, in its sole discretion, to Pop Up, position and determine assignment of Spaces to all vendors, including the Vendor, within the Pop Up; and provided further that Vendor hereby accepts all such determinations as final.
2) There is no transfer, assignment, sub-licensing, or subletting of the Space to any third party in any form whatsoever. In addition, Vendor shall not Pop Up, display or sell merchandise of any third party without prior written approval from HAUS OF KELLEY, LLC. In addition to any other remedies or recourse that HAUS OF KELLEY, LLC may have hereunder or at law, if merchandise being displayed is determined to belong to a party other than the Vendor, without prior written approval from HAUS OF KELLEY, LLC, HAUS OF KELLEY, LLC shall be entitled to terminate   Vendor’s rental and require that Vendor immediately vacate the Space and leave the Pop Up and/or terminate Vendor’s rental for the season.



Vendor:  If a cancellation is needed, a notification must be within 48 hours of scheduled event and sent via email to (Subject: Event Cancellation).  The relevant portion of the Vendor Booth Fee shall be promptly returned to the Vendor




In the event that at any time during the Pop Up Event, HAUS OF KELLEY, LLC is required to vacate the Pop Up for any reason, then HAUS OF KELLEY, LLC shall be entitled terminate this Agreement by providing not less than seven (7) days written notice to Vendor. In addition, HAUS OF KELLEY, LLC may unilaterally terminate this Agreement (and/or Vendor’s participation in any or all Pop Up(s) during the Season) at any time, for any reason or no reason, and with or without cause. In any such event of termination, any monies heretofore delivered by Vendor to HAUS OF KELLEY, LLC for periods following the termination date, including, without limitation, the relevant portion of the Vendor Booth Fee, shall be promptly returned to Vendor.



Code of Conduct 

Vendor acknowledges this agreement and uses the proper code of conduct during all events. Vendor agrees to treat everyone with respect and acknowledges that events are subject to change as Haus of Kelley, LLC perceives necessary.  Vendor agrees to notify Brunch Pop Social's staff of any major issues that occur.   Haus of Kelley, LLC may cancel participation and terminate the vendor agreement at any time shall a vendor use an improper code of conduct. 




  • This Agreement may be modified or amended in writing, if the writing is signed by the party obligated under the amendment.
  • This agreement must be signed before Vendor can access load in during week of event. Without signature completion, Vendor’s assigned spot may be subject to change or will be revoked.
  • This agreement is non-exclusive to Haus of Kelley, LLC, its affiliates, Brunch Pop Social to the vendor. Haus of Kelley, LLC can contract other vendors for all events



Photo Release 

By entering You Can Brunch With Us Pop Up you are consenting to be photographed, filmed and/or otherwise recorded by Haus of Kelley, LLC. and all authorized partners. You are also granting full permission for the use of your picture and/or likeness of you to be used in any medium including without limitation your voice, photograph or video representation for any purpose in any and all media, including advertising, publicity, in-house publications and promotions. Any rights shall remain the property of Haus of Kelley, LLC in permanency.






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